Announcing Ventana Creative Collective

 Does art make you happy?

Are you an extreme crafter? Music maker or appreciator? Traveller, dreamer? Creator or collector of strange and wonderful things?  If so, we think you’re among friends in the Wairarapa. Something about those big wide open landscapes, gives you the space to think about things differently. Out here you can approach life creatively and that’s what we want to celebrate at Martinborough's soon to open 'Ventana Creative Collective.'

Ventana is: a hub where people can come together and meet like minds, be inspired by artists, learn and develop new skills in workshops and purchase one-off items which spark joy in everyday life.

We hope Ventana is not: Just another shop.

The who?

Like many others in our colourful community, Ventana Founder, Auriga Martin is from overseas and has chosen this little green corner of the planet to make a life. A place where you are as likely to have a passing conversation with a recent arrival from far-off lands, as you are chat to a fourth generation local. Coming from Spanish language influenced Southern California, Auriga chose the name Ventana, or “Window”, - as this space will be unique to Martinborough whilst providing a window to the world by showcasing the wealth of international creative skills and connections we have locally.  

What’s in it for you?

  • Hand-picked items that are not just cool and unique but carefully curated from a network of artists and designers working both locally and overseas. See our makers list.
  • Hands on all ages art & craft weekend workshops - Find out more about the winter workshops.
  • regular art gallery shows, acoustic musical performances and custom group events (birthday parties, hens do celebrations, life drawing, etc). Connect with us to make sure you don’t miss out.

Coming from a successful 15 year career in Software and IT after studying fine arts at UCLA many moons ago, Auriga looks forwards to unleashing her inner creative and helping others do the same.

Ventana will be opening with a bang on Saturday the ninth of July.

Excited? If so:

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Looking forward to seeing you in July,

The team at Ventana Creative Collective


our cute Ventana puppy

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on" - Albert Einstein