Martinborough Mural Walk Next Month


With the support of the Martinborough Community Board Fund and eight local businesses we’ve lined up an action-packed October mural painting launch.  Live murals will be painted by some of New Zealand’s finest muralists throughout the opening weekend of the Kokomai Arts Festival 14-15th October.  We’ve got murals large and small making their debut in October and, best of all, there will be a “mural walk” map that will endure for years to come.  Please let us know if you’d like maps to distribute from your business location.  We think they’re a perfect accompaniment to the wine tasting maps already in circulation.


Below is a list of the mural locations and their artists.  We have several very well known artists on board including our own Andy Shaw as well as Rebecca Farr, Livvy Nonoa, and Tina Rae Carter, a well known tutor at Ventana and the muralist behind the Japanese female figures on the Wellington waterfront. From Wellington we’ve got Greta Menzies and Gina Kiel. (Check out Gina’s recent “Grow Wellington” promotion on social media Gina Kiel Grow Wellington, a great mini doco about how cool our capital city is.)  And finally, at Te Kairanga Vineyard, we have Auckland’s Andrew Steel painting our largest mural.  Andrew’s work can be seen worldwide, you might recall seeing the shark wall near the waterfront New World in Wellington.  TK is putting on a special live music celebration on the opening weekend, with wine tasting and Beat Kitchen food.

For the mural walk we’ve decided to make “Vibrant Martinborough” the theme. Of course each muralist will have a different interpretation of the theme, which will result in very distinct and unique murals dotted throughout town.

Following is a list of each location and its muralist:

P & K Grocery - Gina Kiel 

Neighbourhood Coffee - Dustys & Lulu

Thunderpants - Greta Menzies 

Ohio Street Shops - Livvy Nonoa

Palliser Vineyard - Tina Rae Carter

Margrain Vineyard - Bek Farr

Ata Rangi Vineyard - Andy Shaw 

Te Kairanga - Andrew Steel




This is the first of many creative projects to come from Ventana.  We believe that making quality art available while supporting small artisan businesses is a good way to bring happiness and well being to our community.  We are very committed to thinking outside the box to bring creative joy to our community in whatever way possible.  Please continue to dialogue with us on what you’d like to see in the gallery, in the shop, and on the workshop list.  You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and the Ventana Blog for monthly updates to all that we’ve got going on.

Ventana Creative Collective is looking forward to being part of the community for many years to come. Thank you Martinborough for being the perfect place to start this creative venture.  We can’t wait to see everyone on the mural walk this summer!