News from Ventana! Monty Bevins - A Sell-Out Event!

Welcome to Kate Caie 
Life Drawing and Paint the Masterpiece have a new leader, a huge and happy welcome to the wonderful Kate Caie! Kate currently runs our ever so popular Giant Knitting workshop - it turns out her creative and teaching skills massively surpass that of simply knitting! 
Kate lives and works in Martinborough.  She paints, sculpts, draws, knits and works with textiles.  She has worked as an Art Teacher and Tutor for many years and is studying for a Masters in Fine Arts at Massey University.  A narrative thread to her work examines the cultural identity of her family history.   Concepts of past, present and future are all interwoven in her work.  Kate often works with reclaimed objects and materials to form installation pieces where original uses and stories are rearranged to create new meanings.  She is also intrigued by the notion of simultaneity and distortion of time as a major theme to her art work.

We are so excited to welcome Kate as our new monthly class tutor! Sign up for June classes below:
Paint the Masterpiece, Sip by Sip - 7.00pm Friday 2nd June
Life Drawing - 7.30pm Wednesday 14th June

Monty Bevins Live at Ventana - A Sell-Out Event! 
What a night! Big thanks to everyone who was lucky enough to get a ticket to this magical, sold-out evening of live music. We had a wonderful time and are so pleased so many of you made the journey to our little gallery in the countryside - locals of course and you folks who travelled just for the night! The gallery really lives up to it's full potential during our music nights with a full room, walls dotted with fairy lights and the ambiance of live music. 

So, Thank-you all and keep your eyes peeled for more of these evenings at Ventana over the Winter months! 

We Need Your Help
Being a young business only just approaching our first year on this earth we would love your help to secure our roots and get the "Ventana" word out there. If you've attended a workshop, a gig, been to an exhibition or purchased any of our artist-made goods it would mean the absolute world to us if you would give us a review on Trip Advisor. Being in a small rural area we rely on the word getting out beyond South Wairarapa, over the hill to Wellington and further abroad to future visitors. You can leave any kind words you may have here: Ventana Trip Advisor Reviews

We're Hiring! 
We are currently seeking expressions of interest for a part-time intern position at Ventana. You will learn the ways of the gallery, behind the scenes of our workshops and general store upkeep. We are searching for someone enthusiastic about art, creativity and the community. If you or anyone you know would be interested in this opportunity to learn flick us an email!

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