Silhouettes and Shadows opens Friday 10th March, 7pm


NEW AND RECENT WORK by Sheyne Tuffery

10th March - 21st April 2017

We look forward to hosting you all for the opening of our new exhibition. Enjoy a glass of wine, nibbles and the outstanding work of Sheyne Tuffery.

Perhaps best known for the dynamic style of his prints and woodcuts, Sheyne describes himself as a paper architect who uses his work to create and represent his own cultural context and sense of belonging. His prints and paintings often envisage Polynesia as a futuristic urban utopia. In these re-imaginings, the Samoan fale acts as the symbolic archetype for skyscrapers and apartment housing while the vaka stands in for rocket ships. These works reflect Sheyne’s research into his Samoan heritage and symbolism, his travel wanderlust and his taste for big overseas cities. They also reveal ongoing influences, such as the world of fantasy, comics, and cartoons, which add a sense of immediacy and humour to his subject matter.