News from the end of winter...spring is nearly here!


We've been busy this winter and have several exciting events to promote in this newsletter.  Some of the highlights of the last few weeks include clothing up-cycling for the environment, live mural painting map, a new photography exhibit coming in, silver ring forging, locally sourced giant wool knitting, wine sponsorships and astrology pop up planning! 


Change is afoot with the very successful 'Three' exhibit coming down next week.  Our three local female artists (Megan Campbell, Janie Knott and Kathy Bartlett) have been a big hit at Ventana and we're very proud to follow them up with two more local artists.  Perspectives opens a week from this Friday, 25th of August, showcasing the beautiful photographic landscapes of Rebecca Kempton and Tim McMahon.  Please join us for the opening night.



Ventana, South Wairarapa District Council, the Kokomai Festival and several local businesses have partnered to bring some original mural paintings to town.  In October there will be live mural painting throughout the opening weekend of Kokomai 14-15th October.  Kokomai participants will be armed with mural walk maps in the Programmes and a "Meet the Muralist" meet and greet event hosted at Ventana.  The Mural Walk map will be supplied to Martinborough town visitors for years to come at all of the participating businesses as well as the local i-Sites.

We've got some very well known muralists on board as well as some fabulous businesses sponsoring.  Here's a snapshot of who and where the murals will be:

"The worlds rarest dolphin." mural by Andrew Steel, Auckland 2014


"AS ABOVE SO BELOW" - Astrology Pop Up coming this weekend, just in time to help everyone get through these winter times.  Sign up quick to get a spot!

Have you been feeling the intensity of the past week?  Learn about your life patterns, what's happening now and tomorrow, and what to focus on looking ahead to get through tough times.

Ventana loves to provide "window to the world" events and we're very proud to announce world renown astrologer Helga Scow Williams of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is here at Ventana.  Helga will be in the shop giving mini-horoscope readings this Saturday from 10am-5pm.  Pre-book online, or in the shop, with your time, date, and place of birth.   $20 online or $25 at the time of the reading for a twenty minute session.

Helga has been reading charts for all walks of life for over four decades with many celebrity names in her rolodex.  She has a top degree in physics and a Masters degree in depth psychology, as well as deep knowledge of all astrological disciplines: Vedic, Western, and Mayan.  Helga's scientific and mathematical facility aid in her in depth astrological analysis that comes through in her one-on-one reading sessions. 

Sign ups online are encouraged so Helga can prepare your chart in advance.  Please be sure to provide your birth date, place (and, if available, birth time) so your own unique chart can be accurately created.  

Any questions, please email or visit the web page for more information.

On the topic of the sky and the stars we're very pleased to announce a sponsorship from Big Sky Vineyard.  Award winning winemaker Katherine Jacobs has been a strong supporter of Ventana since we opened our doors one year ago and we're so proud to make a partnership announcement.  Sign up for our Paint the Masterpiece evening or custom creative party events and enjoy Big Sky wines as your create.  Thank you Big Sky!



Sheyne Tuffery is going to be hosting our first all weekend workshop teaching the ancient art form of printmaking.  Sheyne's woodcut prints are known throughout New Zealand for their iconic New Zealand and South Pacific design and use of colour.  Come learn from one our greatest kiwi printers first-hand and keep the tradition of printmaking alive!  Spaces are limited so get in quick.

Stay Warm! 

The Ventana Team

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