Ventana is officially open in Martinborough!

What a wonderfully busy, fun filled first week we’ve had! I’ve met so many amazing people in such a short space of time, I can tell Ventana will be a beacon for all things creative and inspirational in the months to come. In the interest of saving your eyes from reading small text on the glowing screen for too long I will focus on the beautiful pictures taken by our photographers Suzanne Richardson, Lorien Stern and Simon Murcott to tell the story of what we’ve been up to.


Workshops – Batik Silk Scarf Painting was a hit, beautiful scarves were made on opening day.  Don't forget to check out our full winter schedule of workshops for more cool courses coming soon.


Thank you to Neighbourhood Coffee for supplying our workshop attendees with a beautiful morning tea!


Next up we have Master Shoemaker Sue Engels flying down from Waiheke Island to teach a leather sandal shoemaking course as well as a leather belt course for all ages. There are a few seats still available so sign up online or in the store to secure your spot ASAP.

We’ve had several sign ups for our technology mid-week sessions class kicking off in August. Be sure to check out the sewing and knitting/crochet weekly circles as well.


We’ve sold art already and had many people interested in many works from our opening art show “Hello Martinborough”. Our New Zealand based artist show has appealed to all backgrounds, and tastes. I believe we achieved our goal of our first art show being an open, friendly and approachable art venue with artworks that are appreciated by everyone. Thank you to all of our artists for providing your beautiful creations for our first show, throughout the coming year we hope to offer many more beautiful curations like this one.



Last but not least, our inaugural ‘Taste of Tora’ music night was a huge success!! The music swept us all away, there were tears, great dancing and beautiful Palliser wines on the go. The audience was pinching themselves thinking, “are we really in Martinborough”?? The music felt like something in the New Orleans French Quarter or West End London, go wee Martinborough metropolis!



And for those of you who’ve been paying attention. It’s Competition Time! The 10th person to email in with the subject line: “workshops are fun” wins a free spot in the leather sandal making workshop this Saturday (10am on). The 20th person to email in with subject line: “creative kids rock” wins a free spot on the kids leather belt workshop on Sunday (10am on). Get your engines started –