Campbell Kneale

Disenchanted with 'Art' and with a sudden rush of blood to the head, Campbell James Kneale resolved to commit commercial harakiri and learn a CRAFT… preferably a long-dead craft that eschewed red-herrings like 'relevance' in favour of the quiet magic of mastery. Since 2013 Campbell James Kneale has taken to pipemaking like The Jesus and Mary Chain took to their guitars... rough-sawn, ecstatic acts of creation/destruction (cross out applicable) committed with the intent of discovering the fragile beauty that lies inside the ugliest of parcels. Japanese noise music, ceremonial magick, and the paintings of Cy Twombly are amongst the weird creative ingredients that were carved into these luxurious wooden memory sticks. 

AND… you can smoke them… or use them to point at things. 

The briar wood used to make the pipe itself is sourced from the Mediteranean and takes eighty years to reach maturity. Upon its harvest, a drying time of 30 years ensures these ‘plateaus’ (outer parts of the root burl) and ‘ebauchons’ (inner parts of the root burl) can withstand flame, and actually cure the wood upon use, allowing them to strengthen over a lifetime. The ‘stems’ are meticulously drilled and handcarved from rods of ebonite, a super-hardened rubber product (that deals particularly well with the moisture of breath) sourced from Germany.


Every component of a pipe from the glues, to the dyes, waxes, and polishes are ‘food grade’ materials and are essentially edible.


Campbell James Kneale is a painter, touring musician, pipemaker and teacher living in the centre of the known universe, Featherston.

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