Citizen Leather’s creator Layla Cann, has combined her love of all things Leather & Vintage with her interest in Repurposing and Reinventing Outdated Leather Garments to create eco-friendly leather bags and accessories.  Each piece is a ‘one-off’ unique bag which uses the original features from the garment such as pockets and other interesting details. 

As well as attending local markets and events, Citizen Leather offers a ‘Commission Service’ which gives the owner of a garment the opportunity to specify the style and overall design of their bag.  This ‘Commission Service’ often receives Jackets from passed-over loved-ones to reinvent into special ‘Memory Bags’, Layla particularly enjoys the nature of this part of the service. 

With eight years’ experience creating one-off Upcycled Leather Bags, the excitement at the outset of each project is still there just the same as the first, it’s this makers Passion!  Citizen Leather is all about Individuality & Sustainable Design.

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