Watercolours with Joy

Watercolours with Joy

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  • Class Level: All levels
  • Age Requirements: 15 and older
  • Class Size Limit: 12
  • Teacher: Joy de Geus

"In these courses you will come away more confident in your ability as an artist. My goal as an artist and art teacher is to equip you with the knowledge of art methods and materials for you then to do as you please with these skills." - Joy de Geus.

Saturday Workshop:
We will look at different art materials- paint, brushes and paper and learn what these materials can do. We will study the colour wheel, complementary colours, discover how important these are and experiment with combinations of these. We will then learn to apply these different colours within a watercolour painting taking an example of a Wairarapa scene as inspiration. In the afternoon we'll look at composition using examples of various other artists work and create a study of one of these. You will complete two watercolours using photos and learn to create different effects with watercolour paint.

Sunday Workshop:
Using still life objects we are going to create a study of light, colour and still life composition studying historical artists work such as the 'Vanitas' and New Zealand artists who became influenced from this. In the afternoon we will look at perspective using artistic licence and translating this in your own way. Taking well known artists and different modern art styles as examples, we will create a copy of a work. The subject matter is the student's individual choice.


Both workshops run from 10 - 4pm and are structured differently so feel free to dive right into a Watercolour weekend by joining us on both days! Make the whole weekend a creative one!


All Materials Included

Yummy afternoon tea from Neighbourhood Cafe

$120 for each Workshop

Find examples of Joy's stunning watercolours here and available at the Kiwi Art House!