Rebekah Farr x Margrain Vineyard


When I was 19, my passion for art and design took me to Australia to complete a Degree in Fashion Design at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). I graduated and worked for two years as a Computer-Aided Designer for the fashion industry, where I became fascinated by the possibilities of digital media. I returned to university for a Post-Graduate Diploma in Animation and Interactive Media, building on my art skills with a greater sense of narrative and animation. I then co-founded Nectarine, a Melbourne-based interactive design studio, and was director for over a decade.
Thirteen years ago I returned to NZ to settle in Carterton with my partner and kids. In the beautiful landscape of the Wairarapa I’ve rediscovered my love of physical artistic mediums, and have spent the last few years delving into oil and wax.
Shape,texture and storytelling are an important part of my artwork whatever medium I’m working in. Currently the themes in my artwork revolve around perception and judgement.

About her mural at Margrain Vineyard Cafe:

"The mural at Margrain Vineyard Cafe is my response to the space around the cafe. It seemed to me that the surrounding landscape was cut short by the courtyard wall so I mirrored and echoed that landscape on the wall but created something new that speaks to the landscape specifically at Margrain but also to wider Martinborough."

Favourite observer story:

"Maybe you could paint my portrait?” (Ageing male trying to look a bit sexy)