Astrology Reading - Pop Up Horoscope Session

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IMPORTANT: Please email or call to book your time slot in advance. Spaces are nearly full! // 06 306 9488

Helga can be reached for her usual reading appointments anytime at


Learn about your life patterns, what's happening now and tomorrow, and what to focus on looking ahead in a horoscope reading session with U.S. based astrologer Helga Scow Williams.

  • First Come First Served: pre-booked 20 minute sessions
  • Age Requirements: all ages
  • When:  Saturday 19/08 10am-5pm

Helga, an established astrologer from Santa Fe, New Mexico in the United States will be conducting 20 minute natal chart horoscope readings this Saturday.  Helga brings a wealth of experience to her astrological readings, including a physics degree from UCLA, a Masters in Depth psychology and mythological study from Pacific Institute.

Each custom session will be tailored to your own unique natal chart.  Please email Ventana with your desired time and birth details (time and place).  If you don't have an exact birth time that is also ok.

Come on down and learn more about your chart! 

All materials included.

$20 for 20 minute session