Sterling Cloud Necklace

Sterling Cloud Necklace

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Sterling Silver Small Cloud Necklace

The 'cloud' measures approx. 1mm x 37mm x 28mm (0.040" x 0.14" x 1.1”).

Emerging Australian designer, Ginny Reynders creates one of a kind jewellery that pushes the boundaries of construction. The delicate range of studs and necklaces are individually handcrafted using old-world silversmith techniques paired with modern aesthetic.

Showcasing simple shapes, unique patterns and clean lines - the designer approaches every piece with her own personal and subtle style that has formed and flourished throughout her decade of jewellery making.

Creating wearable art that is both intricate and lasting, jeweller Ginny Reynders dreams, designs and personally crafts her increasingly popular range in her home studio in Adelaide, Australia.

Each piece is made from sustainable, 100% reclaimed precious metals, sourced locally in Sydney, Australia