Little Man Plush Pillow

Little Man Plush Pillow

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Handmade item

Materials: Cotton, Muslin, Screenprint, Silkscreen, Polyfil

Measurements: Approximately 17 cm x 37 cm

I wanted to take that ethic and apply most of the broad-strokes of its theory to something more commercially (or at least working class) approachable. This also came at a time where I needed to decide if I wanted to take a studio full time. As you may or may not be aware, it is difficult to make an honest living at this sort of thing in the United States. This is still in an experimental phase, but as long as I can keep the lights on, the ethical guiding principle of doing everything as I see fit without undue compromise will prevail.
Oh, and one day my one-year old nephew was stumbling around and my sister asked him 'Where's BEEBO?'. Without hesitation, he proceeded to lift up my shirt and nestle his large blonde head onto my belly button. This is the essence of beebo.
-Studio Beebo