Personalised Journal

Personalised Journal

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  • Class Level: All Levels
  • Age Requirements: 15 and older
  • Class Size Limit: 10
  • Teacher: Bec Reilly


Writing can do wonders for your health. Beyond keeping your creative juices flowing, regular writing can give you a safe, cathartic release valve for the stresses of your daily life.

Writing about your experiences not only helps you process them, it helps you see opportunities that may not have been apparent at first glance. It also helps you learn to break down complex experiences into relevant, useful bits of information organised coherently.

In this workshop you will create a personalised journal, using an old hardback book with great character as your base. I'd love to hear everyones approach to journaling while we create- perhaps this will be your first journal?

Time to fill those pages...

All materials included in the cost.