Gold Shooting Star Necklace Set with White Zircon

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Gold Shooting Star Necklace Set with White Zircon

Our Shooting Stars are designed to give you that spark you feel when your lucky enough to see a meteoroid. They symbolize freedom and excitement - worn to empower, make a wish and feel the thrill of life.

Hand made with 22 carat gold plated silver, set with 6 white zircons

White Zircon supports mental sharpness and clear thinking by helping to attain a clear aura, boosting creativity and confidence. Wear this stone to positively enhance beauty, promote harmony and happiness in relationships, and maintain good health.

Zoe and Morgan are a brother and sister duo out of Auckland.  At an early age they were taught the jewellery art form by their father and have been working together as a family for decades coming up with beautiful architectural and travel inspired themes in the collection.  Their flagship store in London is a great success and Ventana is proud to be showcasing their jewellery line here in New Zealand.