Small Striped Plate

Small Striped Plate

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Black and white striped hand built plates with clear satin glaze.

Hand built in stoneware clay. Dishwasher safe. Avoid abrupt changes in temperature. 

Measurements: Approximately 16.5 cm dia.

Salad Days Ceramics are handmade by Lucy Leong at her home studio in Glebe, Sydney. She makes wheel thrown and hand built forms with a focus on function and tactility, creating pieces that can be used and enjoyed every day. She enjoys the contrast between the two methods - wheel throwing is more precise and measured whilst handbuilding allows more freedom to create more complex silhouettes.

All Salad Days pieces are made from Australian stoneware and earthernware clays and glazed in subdued white, black and clear glazes.

The term Salad Days refers to the nostalgia of youth and reminiscing on golden periods of one's life. We hope these pieces will be enjoyed as part of your daily rituals, to make the present your salad days!