Susan Cleaver 3D Collage

Susan Cleaver 3D Collage

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Beautiful photographs of flowers turn into beetles and butterflies at the hands of Wairarapa artist, Susan Cleaver. These colourful masterpieces offer something new with every glance, bugs and butterflies with never-ending intricacies and details. 

I love the outdoors, the forest floor, the flower garden, the river rapids. Being outside is good for the soul and the head. I take photos of small things; the flowers, the bees and butterflies, leaves, shells and more. Taking these inside onto the computer, they somehow morph into new colorful beings. A blood orange flower beetle, a tropical flower butterfly, a hibiscus bee. I want my creations to look like they could have lived or grown somewhere, maybe down at the bottom of your own garden. Like an entomologist, I discover and display these new bugs as 3d collage art, and hope that they can be a beautiful reminder for us to go outside and to reconnect with nature in all its forms. 

- Susan Cleaver, Wairarapa, New Zealand. 

3D Collage - Framed, White. 

310mm x 380mm